Sleeper at Liverpool Arts Club live review

Nothing was going to stop me from seeing Sleeper in Liverpool- not even the snow! Which is how I came to spend my morning on a bitterly cold station platform in Manchester, eagerly awaiting the night ahead. The last time Sleeper played, I wasn’t even born but my dad used to play them in the van all the time when I was younger and ‘Smart’ was the first album I bought on cassette but I never thought I’d ever get the chance to see them live so I jumped at the sight of a tour and I’ve been excited ever since.

Despite being away for almost two decades, Sleeper performed with professionalism and confidence oozing from the stage, winning the crowd over instantly. Each and every song set off an eruption of cheers followed by the pounding of feet and clusters of flailing arms causing the walls to shake as sound echoed around the room. Sleeper’s energy and genuine passion for their music flooded the venue, creating a fantastic atmosphere and thrilling the audience. Playing commanding riffs and lively rhythms, the band drew us in as close as physically possible, with Louise Wener engaging with the crowd, getting everyone involved and making it personal, proving she still has the qualities and attitude of a perfect frontwoman. I still can’t quite believe she dedicated ‘Statuesque’ to me, I feel very honoured and it made the gig even more special than I anticipated! Finishing the set with fan favourite, ‘Sale of the Century’, the crowd went wild for one final time, making for a perfect end to the night.

After the gig I spoke to several people, who were reminiscing the last time they had seen Sleeper in the 90s and how in awe they were of the set they had just seen. Clearly the band have had a lasting impact on many and are sure to leave a mark on many more for years to come. Last night was by far one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to- I already want to see them again!